Electric Wheelchair
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Electric Wheelchair RA-EW006
Time:2015-09-27 22:21
Model#: RA-EW006

Electric Wheelchair

Frame: Silver Net Weight: 49KG
Travel Distance: 20KM Max Speed:  6KM/H
Climbing Slope: ≤15 Weight Capacity: 75KG
Overall Size: 1100x610x930mm Folded Width:  380mm
Seat Width:   450mm Seat Depth:   435mm
Seat Height: 450mm Armrest Height: 215mm
Backrest Height: 460mm Front Castor: 8"
Motor: DC 250Wx2pcs Charger: DC 220V 50Hz 5A
Battery: 12V 12AHx2pcs Controller: Self developed Intelligent universal
Brake: With Self-brake function Controller max current output: 50A

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