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Traffic Cone
Time:2015-06-11 15:45

Model#: RA-TC001-30/RA-TC001-50/RA-TC001-75

                                  Height      Base Width      Weight       Reflector Height
RA-TC001-30        300mm        220mm           0.6KG     10mm Class 1 Tape
RA-TC001-50        500mm        280mm           1.0KG      100mm+100mm Class 1 Tape
RA-TC001-75        750mm        420mm           4.2KG      150mm+150mm Class 1 Tape

Bright fluorescent red/orange color provides better visibility at work sites 
UV stabilized to increase durability 
Sizes 300MM, 500MM and 750MM 
Logo branding – printed or encapsulated under top surface layer 
Available with reflective Class 1 collars 
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