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Knee Walker RA-KW001
Time:2015-04-29 16:26

Model#: RA-KW001

Knee Walker

Net Weight: 10.5 KG
Gross Weight: 12 KG
Packing Size: 795*440*380mm/ Carton
Overall Length without Basket: 700mm
Overall Length with Basket: 850mm
Wheel: 8"*4PCS
Weight Capacity: 350lb
Color Choice: Black, White, Sliver, Blue, Red, Pink, etc. Any color you want
Knee Pad Height Range: 18.5" - 24"
Adjustable Handle Height: 30" - 40"
Material: Steel
Knee Pad Size: 240*160mm
Knee Pad Width: 6.8"
Knee Pad Depth: 14"
Knee Pad Softness: 60 standard
Plastic Handle Length: 115mm
Plastic Handle Diameter: 30mm
Basket Size: 250*175*180mm
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